The Philippine American Group of Educators and Surgeons, U.S.A., also known as PAGES was established and founded in 1990 and was registered as a non profit corporation under U.S. Internal Revenue Services tax exempt 501c3 status in 1992 with tax I.D. # 22-3064510 with official address in Livingston New Jersey.

On the other side, the PAGES Philippine Foundation with an office in Quezon City, Philippines is registered and approved as a non profit corporation by the Philippine Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC). It was established and registered in 2006 with registered # CN200605537

2018 was the 28 years of continuous serving the Philippine patients. PAGES vision and mission is to provide free medical services to the less privileged Filipino children with birth defects requiring reconstructive treatment and other medically-related services establishment and maintenance programs from available resources towards basic human treatment and cure of other health services of children with cleft lips and cleft palates, and other birth deformities.

The initial and first mission year of PAGES was on Jan 20, 1991 with 25 volunteer team members composed of surgeons, anesthesiologists, nurses and non medical support team was at Ospital ng Maynila in Manila and St. Martin de Porres Charity Hospital located in San Juan Rizal, Metro Manila. 226 deserving patients mostly children were provided no cost surgeries.

For 28 years, there are 26 different hospitals from different cities and provinces in the Philippines who participated on the work of PAGES and over 6,000 cases of mostly cleft lip and palate patients were operated on without cost to the patients and their families.

From north to south of Luzon to different cities of the Visayan islands, PAGES did not mind the long hours of travel, or even taking the motor pump boat to the mission location, travel by land for three to fours hours and working at the hospital for 10 hours everyday for 8 days to put smiles on children faces and their families, it’s given, they don’t mind.

The medical volunteers who for several years dedicate their services and time travel from as far as U.S.A., UK, Australia, Hong Kong to join the Philippine team to do the work that was schedule for them to do.

The PAGES mission started in 1991, the mission work did not stop on the 28th year, the team is now on the 29th year, more mission years will be scheduled, more children are waiting to have their defects be corrected, the PAGES team will not stop for as long as there are more children waiting for the smiles they are longing for years.