Many years have passed but the memories will remain a part of history that we can always look back on and be proud of. We will continue our works in the years to come. Our mission, serving the less fortunate children of the Philippines who need reconstructive treatment and other related medical services will continue.

The PAGES group of volunteers have chosen to dedicate their time and talent to help provide children with free surgical procedures that will correct their birth defects. It is the volunteers of PAGES who help the children a chance for a better life and future. A happy life without a purpose is meaningless. “There are two kinds of people in this world takers and the givers. The takers eat well but the givers sleep better”

Let’s all work together to help others. In doing so, we will create a better tomorrow and foster better lives. Let’s give the best we have to the world and without a doubt, the best will come back to us.

– Vid M. Figueras, RN (Founder and Chairman Philippine American Group of Educators and Surgeon)


It gives me great honor and privilege to welcome you all to our 27th year of serving under-privileged children. Together with my family, we are extending our humanitarian greetings on behalf of PAGES Philippines Foundation, Inc.

PAGES Operation HOPE well born purpose of helping our less fortunate indigent Filipino children has changed their lives by giving them back the confidence to their families and by enlarge also to the whole community.

This charitable and humanitarian work started by our founders started in 1991, was focused in sup-porting the local government units in their social and health development. Strengthening public service, thus, cementing our bonds while promoting a vibrant sense of responsible citizenry. On behalf of all the officers, members and Board of Directors of PAGES Philippines Foundation, Inc. I would like to express my sincere gratitude and laud each and every volunteer who has given their wholehearted support in the past and the present missions. Together, let’s look forward for more missions to happen.


Ricardo IV D. Fulgencio, MM, DEL
President and CEO
PAGES Philippines Foundation, Inc.