Giving Hope To Children

PAGES mission of HOPE continues with great pride and satisfaction as they extend their volunteer services.

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The mission of Operation Hope is to help those who cannot afford surgery cost and hospital expenses. Without the surgeries,these children will continue to be ostracized by the community and society because of their appearance. However, they keep hoping that someday, a good samaritan group like PAGES will come along and help them fulfill their wishes of looking like normal human beings.


PAGES mission of HOPE continues with great pride and satisfaction as they extend their volunteer services. It is a great honor to have loyal and dedicated team members who throughout the years have been untiringly serving to benefit the underprivileged people of other countries like the Philippines.

Gift Of HOPE

The secret of longevity of any voluntary organization is the assurance that its vision and mission will be pursued and carried out through the years, that there will be continuity in its programs and activities and that future plans and projects will also be drawn up and implemented. This is precisely the thrust of the Philippine American Group of Educators and Surgeons (P.A.G.E.S.) and the very reason for its longevity. And this is also the reason why each PAGES team member voluntarily donates their time, talent and treasure and conducts annual mission to help the needy and less fortunate children.


PLP Alie Miranda

Club President, Rotary Club of Cavite Metro District 3810 Philippines

I was freshman Rotarian back in 2015 when I volunteered in the project spearheaded by PAGES Philippine American Group of Educators and Surgeons. Partnering with our own Rotary Club of Cavite Metro, our role is to identify patient and sponsor their logistic needs:transportation, meals and when required accommodation. Simple as that. What makes it special for me volunteering with this project is operation facility tour (dressed in scrub suit) and fellowship with medical specialists. We learned that most of which are volunteer balikbayans (with Filipino roots) wanting to serve our less fortunate kababayans (fellow FIlipinos). Fast-forward today and 7 years inking partnership, I am thrilled and honored to lead my club to be in partnership once again with PAGES. We look forward for another successful treatment of about 200 patients who will benefit and restore these kids' confidence and impact their lives to live like no different with other children. Truly a worthy and phenomenal endeavor! I am more than excited to join this February 2023 and on to another 7 years of volunteer service!

Tom Martinez

President, Mountaintop Christian Academy

Our School, Mountaintop Christian Academy (MCA) will be participating first time on PAGES - HOPE Mission this corning February 2023. We always believe on the values of missionary and life-changing goals. As President of MCA, we are committed to expand this project; moving forward not just in our school but in our communities as well. Helping out these kids will always be inspirational and motivational towards achieving Christian-like programs. Big salute to the Founders and Movers of PAGES Philippines. All glory to God in the highest. And we may help thousands of kids out there this 2023!!!

Andrew Vete

Technical Adviser, PAGES

For the past 7 years in partnership with Philippine American Group of Educators and Surgeons (PAGES) Operation HOPE and the Rotary Club of Cavite Metro, I am a living witness of the dedications of the Foreign Medical Team from the United States, United Kingdom, Australia, Hongkong, Canada, Korea, and Filipino doctors abroad. Like ROTARIANS, you invest 3Ts (Time, Treasure, Talent) to make this yearly 'FREE BINGOT and NGONGO' medical mission possible for 32 years, helping the poor Filipino children is truly commendable. You are true missionaries in every sense of the world. I am looking forward to seeing you again in February 2023. God Speed.

Willie San Diego

Logistics Director, PAGES

My first encounter with the Philippine American Group of Educators and Surgeons (PAGES) Operation HOPE started in February 2019. Our charismatic group, the Brotherhood of Christian Businessmen and Professionals (BCBP Imus Chapter), joined PAGES during the 30th consecutive medical mission at the Hospital ng Imus. I, along with my spouse Volet San Diego, were both deeply touched seeing the poor children afflicted with cleft lip (Bingot) and cleft palate (Ngongo) needing reconstructive surgery at their very young age. During the one week mission, the PAGES group was able to provide over 100 surgeries to the most deserving children. From then on, I promised to continue to lend a helping hand to the less fortunate children nationwide. An achievement to which I am forever grateful to our Lord. Please help us help the children.

Vid Figueras

Chairman, PAGES

Volunteering my time to a group like the Philippine American Group of Educators and Surgeons, also known as PAGES, that provide no-cost medical services to the most deserving people who cannot afford the expenses of hospitalization and medical professional service fee is very rewarding for me. Sharing what good I become and giving what I can to people who needed what I can give the most is worth doing. No matter who we are, we should be thankful of what we have and what we can share. Waking up each morning, we should be thankful that we still have the good deeds with us SHARING.

Benz Cueto

Director for Administration and Operations, PAGES

I consistently look forward to the month of February each year. It signals the mission month of the Philippine American Group of Educators and Surgeons (PAGES) -Operation HOPE. For the past 24 years, I have been so blessed and truly grateful to be able to join the mission to help underprivileged children with facial deformities lead a more normal lives. With God's continued blessing and guidance. I vowed to continue this charitable endeavors for a very long time.


IT'S A WRAP for 2024!

On February 9, 2024, representatives from Imus City held a farewell party for the PAGES Team in honour of the successful Operation HOPE.   (Images uploaded with consent) Regarding the next location for operations in 2025, we'll keep you informed. Thank you for all your support and prayers. Mabuhay and Congratulations to all of u

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Transforming Smiles and Lives: PAGES' Annual Mission of Hope for Children with Facial Deformities

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SA IMUS NAMAN! We are now set for 2024 OPERATION  HOPE MEDICAL MISSION in partnership with Mayor Alex Advincula of IMUS CITY, CAVITE and OSPITAL NG IMUS.For more information please feel free to call or text Benz Cueto (0927 553 0333) and Willie San Diego (0995 309 4085).You can also leave a message here.Tayo na sa IMUS!P.S. Please like and share ou

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